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Common Types of Ticks in Lehi, Utah:

The most prevalent types of ticks in Lehi, Utah, include blacklegged ticks (deer ticks), brown dog ticks, and lone star ticks.

When Are Ticks Most Active?













Pest Insights:

Did you know that ticks belong to the arachnid family, making them relatives of spiders, scorpions, and mites? They have four life stages and depend on a host for feeding during all but the egg stage. Additionally, ticks are not born carrying disease agents; they acquire them while feeding on other animals.

Physical Characteristics of Ticks:

Blacklegged Ticks (Deer Ticks):

Unengorged adult blacklegged ticks feature small, flat bodies, typically less than 1/8 of an inch in length. With eight legs like their arachnid relatives, they are dark reddish-brown in color, darkening further after a blood meal.

Brown Dog Ticks:

Adult brown dog ticks also possess flat, oval-shaped bodies around 1/8 of an inch in length, accompanied by eight legs. Their reddish-brown hue transitions to a gray-blue shade when engorged, with male ticks displaying tiny pits on their backs.

Lone Star Ticks:

Adult lone star ticks exhibit flattened oval bodies, with females ranging from 1/6 to 1/4 of an inch in length and males being smaller. Initially reddish-brown, they turn slate gray when engorged.

Likely Habitats for Ticks:

Deer ticks prefer hiding in grass and shrubs, commonly inhabiting transitional zones where forests meet fields or well-kept lawns border untended areas.
Brown dog ticks position themselves on shrubs, grass, and other vegetation, waiting for a passing host. When attached to dogs, they tend to target the ears and toes. Lone star ticks favor shaded environments and low-growing vegetation, often occupying transitional areas where woodlands intersect with lawns.

Assessment of Tick Risks:

Blacklegged ticks are primary vectors of Lyme disease, along with other severe tick-borne illnesses. Brown dog ticks can transmit several tick-borne diseases to dogs, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Lone star ticks are known carriers of tularemia and other dangerous diseases.

Identifying Tick Infestation Causes:

Properties with tall grass, abundant vegetation, or bordering wooded areas are prone to tick presence. Additionally, passing wildlife may introduce ticks onto your premises.

Effective Tick Control Strategies:

Greenline Pest Solutions offers professional tick control services tailored to Lehi, Utah. Our comprehensive treatments encompass both interior and exterior areas, including fogging grass, bushes, and other tick-prone regions. Contact us today for more information on our tick solutions!

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