Pavement Ants

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Description of Pavement Ants:

Pavement ants feature dark bodies with lighter-colored legs and are distinguished by narrow, parallel grooves on their heads and thoraxes. They typically measure between 1/16 to 1/8 inch in length and possess 12-segmented antennae terminating in a 3-segmented club.

When Are Pavement Ants Most Active?













Insights into Pavement Ants:

Did you know that pavement ants are commonly found in metropolitan areas and exhibit slow, deliberate movement, making them less easily disturbed? During springtime, these ants engage in territorial disputes with nearby colonies on sidewalks, a phenomenon dubbed “ant wars.”

Biology of Pavement Ants:

The developmental period from egg to adult ranges from 36 to 63 days. Indoors, swarmers may emerge at any time, while outdoor pavement ant swarmers typically appear in June and July.

Where Pavement Ants Establish Nests:

Outdoors, pavement ants nest beneath flat stones, sidewalks, curbs, and concrete slabs. Indoors, they nest within walls, insulation, and floors, often favoring areas near heat sources during winter months.

Dietary Habits of Pavement Ants:

Pavement ants exhibit omnivorous feeding habits, consuming insects, meats, seeds, sweets, and pet food. However, they prefer meats and greases over other food sources.

Assessing the Risks Posed by Pavement Ants:

While pavement ants are capable of stinging, they typically do so only when provoked. They are not aggressive and are not considered a significant public health risk.

Understanding Pavement Ant Infestations:

If pavement ants are discovered indoors, they likely gained entry through cracks in the foundation or other ground-level openings while foraging for food.

Effective Pavement Ant Control Measures:

For effective ant control solutions, rely on the expertise of Greenline Pest Solutions. Our local pest control professionals specialize in ant control and possess the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience to address and resolve your pavement ant infestation.

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