Odorous House Ants

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Description of Odorous House Ants:

One of the most prevalent house-infesting ant species, odorous house ants display a dark brown to black coloration, measuring approximately 1/16 to 1/8-inch in length. They feature 12-segmented antennae devoid of clubs.

When Are Odorous House Ants Most Active?













Insights into Odorous House Ants:

Did you know that odorous house ants traverse in both set trails along tree branches, foundations, sidewalks, and baseboards, as well as in a wandering pattern? When alarmed, they scurry with their abdomens raised in the air.

Biology of Odorous House Ants:

Odorous house ant colonies harbor roughly 10,000 workers and multiple queens, each laying an egg daily. Egg development into adulthood typically spans 34-83 days, influenced by factors such as winter conditions.

Swarming for mating occurs from early May to mid-July, with mating also transpiring within existing nests, leading to the formation of new colonies through budding.

Where do Odorous House Ants Nest?

Outdoors, odorous house ants construct shallow nests under stones, logs, loose tree bark, and man-made objects, as well as within larger ant colonies.

Indoors, they establish nests in wall or floor voids, around heat sources, and in areas with water-damaged or damp wood, insulation, and plumbing fixtures.

Dietary Habits of Odorous House Ants:

Odorous house ants subsist on honeydew secreted by aphids, plant nectar, and dead or living insects. Indoors, they forage for a variety of household foods but exhibit a preference for sugar-rich items.

Assessing the Risks Posed by Odorous House Ants:

While odorous house ants are deemed nuisance pests when present in large numbers indoors, they pose no direct threat as they neither bite nor sting. However, they can contaminate food products.

Understanding Odorous House Ant Infestations:

Odorous house ants often infiltrate indoors after rain showers or when their food supplies diminish. Once inside, they establish nests near food and moisture sources.

Effective Odorous House Ant Control Measures:

Instead of resorting to liquid or aerosol insecticides that may scatter these ants, seek professional assistance from Greenline Pest. Our local pest control experts possess the expertise, tools, and experience to exterminate odorous house ants infesting your home or business effectively.

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