Norway Rats

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Description of Norway Rats:

Adult Norway rats typically measure around 16 inches in length from nose to tail. They sport bristly brown fur intermingled with black hair, with gray to white undersides. Norway rats feature blunted noses and small, closely spaced ears.

When Are Norway Rats Most Active?













Insights into Norway Rats:

Did you know that Norway rats are more inclined to inhabit lower levels of homes and structures?

Despite their poor vision, Norway rats possess excellent senses of smell, touch, and hearing.

Other names for the Norway rat include brown rat and sewer rat.

Where do Norway Rats Establish Nests?

Outdoors, Norway rats commonly reside in fields, farmlands, sewers, garbage areas, woodpiles, and beneath slabs.

Indoors, Norway rats prefer ground-level areas such as basements, crawlspaces, and cluttered spaces for nesting.

Composition of Norway Rat Nests:

Similar to mice, Norway rats fashion nests using organic debris from their surroundings, supplemented with paper, cloth, and other fibrous materials collected indoors.

Dietary Habits of Norway Rats:

Norway rats exhibit a versatile diet, consuming a wide range of foods. They favor fresh meats and grains over stale fare and typically require a separate water source in addition to moisture from their food.

Assessing the Risks Posed by Norway Rats:

Like other rodents, Norway rats act as carriers of serious diseases, potentially transmitting rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and other illnesses. Moreover, they inflict damage through gnawing on various materials and leave behind urine and feces that can cause further harm.

Understanding Norway Rat Infestations:

Norway rats often infiltrate homes and structures in search of food and water sources. If your property features accessible entry points, typically openings as large as a quarter, Norway rats may establish a presence.

Effective Norway Rat Control Measures:

If you suspect a Norway rat infestation on your property, promptly enlist the services of Greenline Pest Solutions. Our comprehensive pest control services are designed to eliminate and prevent rat activity, offering effective solutions to address your Norway rat problem.

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