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Description of Mice:

Common house mice typically measure between 5 to 8 inches in length, inclusive of their tails. They exhibit a range of colors from light brown to gray or black, featuring slightly pointed muzzles and prominent ears.

When Are Mice Most Active?













Insights into Mice:

Did you know that mice can begin reproducing as early as two months old, giving birth to up to 12 offspring every few weeks?

Remarkably, mice can harbor as many as 200 human pathogens, including salmonella.

Mice possess the remarkable ability to squeeze through openings as small as the size of a dime.

Where do Mice Establish Nests?

In outdoor environments, mice commonly nest amidst fields, tall grasses, dense vegetation, and shrubs.

Indoors, mice seek refuge in wall voids, ceilings, cabinets, appliances, attics, crawlspaces, closets, and other secluded areas to minimize disturbances.

Composition of Mouse Nests:

When constructing nests, mice utilize available materials. Outdoors, they fashion nests from grass and organic debris, while indoors, they repurpose cardboard, insulation, clothing, paper, and other household items.

Dietary Habits of Mice:

As omnivores, mice consume a diverse array of food items, including plant seeds, grains, and insects. Indoors, they opportunistically feed on human and pet food.

Assessing the Risks Posed by Mice:

Mice pose significant threats to human health, transmitting various illnesses through their excrement, saliva, and urine. Additionally, they inflict property damage by gnawing on wires, furniture, drywall, and other structural components, while contaminating areas with their waste.
Regrettably, mice introduce secondary pests such as ticks, fleas, and mites into homes and structures.

Understanding Mouse Infestations:

As commensal rodents, mice partially rely on human habitats for sustenance and shelter. If your home offers food, water, and accessible entry points, the likelihood of a mouse infestation increases significantly.

Effective Mouse Control Measures:

Upon identifying a mouse infestation, promptly enlist the services of Greenline Pest Solutions. Left unchecked, mouse populations can escalate rapidly, necessitating professional intervention.

At Greenline Pest Solutions, we provide comprehensive rodent control services to address existing mouse activity within your home or structure while implementing preventive measures to deter future infestations.
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