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Don’t let the threat of wasps and hornets put your family’s safety at risk or cause harm to your property. Contact Greenline in Northern Utah for effective assistance. With services that encompass swarm and nest removal, our team is prepared to tackle the dangers these stinging pests present!

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Whether you’re dealing with mud daubers by your entrance, a nest close to or inside your dwelling, or a threatening swarm, it’s crucial to seek professional aid. Greenline Pest Solutions offers potent stinging insect solutions in Utah.

How Greenline Manages Stinging Insects:

Let the experts at Greenline Pest Solutions handle nest or swarm removal from your property for safety and efficiency.

Inspection & Quote:

Upon contacting us about wasps or hornets, we’ll dispatch a highly skilled and licensed pest control expert to pinpoint the pest type and extent of infestation. Following a meticulous inspection, you’ll receive a service recommendation and quote.

Wasp, or Hornet Removal:

The removal strategy varies with the insect type, infestation site, and problem severity. Our specialists are equipped with the right tools, protective gear, and expertise to address the issue effectively. To protect valuable pollinators, we might engage a beekeeper for a safe nest or swarm relocation.

Follow-up Service:

To confirm the stinging insect issue is fully resolved, Greenline Pest Solutions arranges a follow-up visit, generally a week after the initial service, ensuring your peace of mind and safety.

Wasps and hornets can be dangerous.

Exercise Caution Around Stinging Insects

 To steer clear of swarm assaults or stings and interactions with various stinging pests, you should:

If you notice stinging insects frequently entering and exiting a particular spot, it likely signifies the presence of a nest or swarm. Under such circumstances, to prevent harm to yourself or others, it’s crucial to contact Greenline Pest Solutions.

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Beyond our single-session services for wasp nest and swarm removal, Greenline Pest Solutions provides continuous defense against stinging pests through our Premium Pest Control plan. Discover more about our comprehensive year-round home pest control program or click the button below to get a free quote.

Logan did an amazing Job going over the traps and what he had to spray. He made sure that our dogs and cats would be safe around the pesticide. He was great! Thank you guys!

Jessica Fernandez

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wasp Removal

How effective are Greenline Pest Solutions's wasp removal services?

Our removal services are highly effective, employing proven strategies and tools to safely eliminate wasps from your property without harming non-target species.

What makes the Premium Pest Control plan different from one-time removal services?

The Premium Pest Control plan offers ongoing protection against wasps, and a variety of other pests, providing year-round peace of mind with regular inspections and treatments.

Are the removal methods safe for my family and pets?

Absolutely. We prioritize the safety of your family and pets, using environmentally responsible methods and materials that target pests while minimizing risk to humans and animals.

Can Greenline Pest Solutions remove nests located in difficult-to-reach areas?

Yes, our team is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to safely remove nests from high or hard-to-reach places, ensuring complete removal regardless of location.

How soon can I expect Greenline Pest Solutions to respond to a wasp problem?

We understand the urgency of wasp issues and strive to respond as quickly as possible, offering prompt service to address your concerns and restore safety to your property.

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