Acrobat Ants

Acrobat Ants

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Characteristics of Acrobat Ants

Acrobat ants vary in color from light brown to black and typically measure around 1/8-inch in length. They are distinguished by their heart-shaped abdomens and 11-segment antennae, which end in 3-segmented clubs. Notably, these ants are equipped with a stinger.

When Are Acrobat Ants Most Active?













Interesting Facts About Acrobat Ants

When disturbed, acrobat ants may emit an unpleasant odor. Their unique ability to elevate their abdomens over their heads and thoraxes is the origin of their name “acrobat ants.” Their trails are commonly observed along electrical wires, utility lines, pipes, and building foundations. Signs of their nesting, such as dirt and wood debris, may be apparent to property owners.

Seasonal Activity
Acrobat ants display varying levels of activity throughout the year, with their activity peaking from May through September.

The Biology Behind Acrobat Ants

In the lifecycle of acrobat ants, swarmers (winged reproductive males and females) emerge from colonies, typically in fall, to disperse and establish new colonies. While swarmers indicate potential infestation, they pose no harm.

Habitats of Acrobat Ants

Outdoors, they favor nesting under stones, inside stumps, in decaying logs, and beneath woodpiles. Indoors, they prefer wall voids or foam sheathing behind siding, especially in moist or damaged wood areas.

Dietary Preferences of Acrobat Ants

Their diet mainly consists of insects and honeydew, which they obtain by protecting aphid populations. Indoors, they show a preference for sweets and meats.

Potential Risks of Acrobat Ants

While acrobat ants can bite if threatened, they are not seen as a health hazard. However, they are known to damage structures, particularly by stripping insulation from electrical or telephone wires, leading to short circuits.

How Do Acrobat Ants Enter Homes?

Entry points include ground trails, door thresholds, weep holes, and branches or shrubs in contact with the structure. They also exploit gaps created for utility lines.

Eliminating Acrobat Ants

Eradicating acrobat ants from a property can be challenging without professional intervention. If you encounter acrobat ants in or around your premises, contacting Greenline Pest is advisable. Our experienced pest control specialists are equipped to effectively address acrobat ant infestations.

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